Storia e Tradizione

History and Tradition

A tradition that has continued for 5 generations

From a modest inn dating back to 1860, run by Giacomo Bonetti and his sons in the central square of Molveno, the present Alexander Hotel Alpine Wellness Dolomites was born. Through the generations, the Bonetti House has continued to grow, maintaining the tradition of culinary excellence and a warm welcome to guests. Get ready to discover the history of the Hotel Alexander Molveno!

Foto storica dell'hotel Alexander, allora chiamato Albergo Cima Tosa

It all began in 1860...

…when great-grandfather Giacomo Bonetti, owned and managed with his sons the first inn in Molveno, called ‘Aquila Nera e Cima Tosa’. The inn was open all year round with stabling for horses and carriages and accommodation.

The management passed to one of his sons in 1886: Giovanni Battista Bonetti (the great-grandfather) and later, in 1905, to his son Severino Bonetti (the grandfather) who, together with his grandmother Gioconda Daldoss, built the new “Cima Tosa” between 1925 and 1927. It was opened in 1928 and located in its current position.

In 1980 the building became the Bonetti family home with flats and the shops Grappeteca Bonetti and Prestige Idee Regalo.

The business continued with one of the sons: Gino Bonetti (the father) who together with his wife Anselmi Elia (former mayor of Molveno) renovated the hotel several times.

Famiglia Bonetti - Alexander Hotel Molveno

The new generation

In 1984, the management passed to one of his three sons, Bonetti Alessandro (the current owner), who began a new phase of renovation and restructuring, starting with the hotel’s name, which changed from ‘Cima Tosa’ to ‘Alexander‘. Now it is up to the undersigned, together with his wife Mirella and son Massimiliano, to continue to uphold the tradition and fame of this “House” under the Brenta Dolomites, which with its atmosphere rich in history but at the same time modern, manages to satisfy even the most demanding customers.
Now the hotel is no longer an inn. The House has changed, but the warm welcome to guests has not.

We hope to see you soon here in Molveno and welcome you as our guest!

A look back...

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